The 1st University of Prishtina International Student Conference 2016

May 2-7, 2016, Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo

University of Prishtina International Student Conference [herein: UPISC] it originates from the self-initiative approach. Namely, students of economics and law faculties had decided to organize UPISC which among other things will promote academical values in an international level. Economical and law topics as the main subject of the conference have been chosen purposely. Students as mentioned above, strongly believe that the globalization is key component for a prosper world, therefore the aforementioned subjects are the two main pillar that either stagnate or advance globalization. As a result, the very first conference of its kind ever held in the University of Prishtina, was decided to be named "Globalization: Impact on Trade, Economy and Law".

In this line, students of University of Prishtina are fully committed to use conferences as means to advance globalization. Additionally, Kosovo as a new country in the international community, more than ever needs co-operation, exchange of ideas, and other related spheres that are essential for a new community to shrink into the international community.

The UPISC is officially supported by Rectorate of University of Prishtina and Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (eventually Ministry of Justice). The academic personnel of University of Prishtina will be responsible for the evaluation of the submitted papers in respect to the topics of UPISC.

In this regard, the UPISC will take place within university facilities during 3-4 May, 2016. International students will be also accommodated within university facilities, and additional sightseeing events around Kosovo will be provided during the other days of staying (2-7 May).


University of Prishtina "Hasan Prishtina", Republic of Kosovo
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Republic of Kosovo